Tetris Effect Official Soundtrack Now Available Digitally

by on May 29, 2020

Fans of Tetris Effect rejoice! The game’s official soundtrack is now available via Bandcamp.

You can check out a track right here:


You can even stream the whole thing via Hydelic’s Youtube channel. Though if you can support the artist by buying the album, that’s always appreciated, I’m sure.

With synesthetic expression at its core, Hydelic are constantly exploring ways to create memorable musical/sound experiences with a whole new dimension, through the artful marriage of sound, visuals, and bodily sensation.

In Tetris Effect, the in-game soundtrack is essentially composed in real time based on the user’s actions. The mixes in the original soundtrack were thoughtfully crafted by Hydelic, sequenced and composed (almost entirely separately from the game) as full tracks to be played on their own.

The digital soundtrack contains 40 songs, including the fan favourite Connected (Yours Forever) ft. Kate Brady, linked in the above video. The album is also on major digital platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

Tetris Effect is out now on PlayStation 4, PC and VR platforms.