A new developer diary for Amazon Game Studios MMO New World has been released

by on June 24, 2020

Amazon Game Studios has released a brand new developer diary for the upcoming MMO New World.

This new diary is focused on Crafting and Progression. Previous ones have included Character Progression as well as focusing in on different areas of the world, and enemy types.

The video goes into more extensive details with it backed up via the official game blog.

Watching the video and reading the blog it is clear that fans of MMOs will find nothing particularly new or different in the way that crafting works in the world of New World. You’ll start with low tier equipment and will gradually find new recipes that will allow you to craft better tier gear with items slots etc.. Crafting will increase your various skills allowing you to specialise and create a unique character build and equipment.

New World is due for release 25 August, 2020