New World season 4 launches, adding new seasonal narrative and rewards

by on December 14, 2023

Amazon has announced New World season 4 has launched, offering loads of new content and season activities for fans to dive in to.

Season 4 of New World is called “Eternal Frost” and Amazon says that “players can experience new seasonal events, including the Winter Convergence Festival and Legacy of Crassus, and players who own the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion can enjoy a sizable new storyline, a level 65 expedition and new artifacts”.

On top of that, the new season pass means players can take part in the Eternal Frost season and other time-limited challenges, which will reward them with rewards like consumables and cosmetics.

If you already own the expansion (£24.99 on Steam), you’ll get the following:

  • A chilling new narrative storyline: A Knight of the Round Table has unearthed forbidden knowledge of the Ancients, seeking to subjugate humanity with the power of an eternal winter. Rally your team of Silver Crows, and convince a surly fire mage named Daichi to help track down and vanquish the Knight before he lays waste to Aeternum.
  • A new high-level expedition: The Glacial Tarn is a new Level 65 Expedition set in the Great Cleave. Explore a cavernous frozen complex hidden beyond the Empyrean Forge in pursuit of the Varangian Knight Sir Loth. Locate and harness the primordial magic of the Empyrean Flame to overcome enemies and obstacles imbued with Ice Magic, and destroy Sir Loth before his power consumes all of Aeternum.
  • New Artifacts: Find and equip eight new artifacts to redefine your playstyle. These powerful weapons and armor feature their own quests. Stun and shock enemies with the Boltcaster Bow, boost your speed and reduce cooldowns with the Winged Shoes, freeze and finish your enemies with The Frozen Gauntlet and more.


However, everyone who plays during season 4, whether they pay for the expansion or not can get involved with the following activities:

  • New Season Pass: Eternal Frost introduces a new Season Journey, new Activity Card, new Challenges and new rewards including cosmetics and consumables.
  • The Winter Convergence Festival: Now through January 9, Icy winds and glimmering Gleamites fill the air once again as Winter Convergence returns to Aeternum. Visit Winter Villages to meet the Winter Wanderer and carry out his holiday quests. Players can also collect Winter Tokens to earn new limited-time rewards including festive skins, emotes, housing items and more. Players interested in protecting the safety of Aeternum can team up with up to 20 fellow adventurers to defeat this open-world boss for additional exclusive rewards, including Snowball Flail, Pristine Gleamite, new Golden skins and more. With featured changes to Winter Villages and Holiday Huts, players can enjoy new gift piles with added presents and holiday foods, while also sharing their favorite sightseeing spots for watching the Gleamite Meteors.
  • Help stave off the Forever Winter: The Winter Warrior and his legion of Frigid Folk are on a relentless mission to spread a Forever Winter across the land. Rally a party of 20+ players to defeat this open-world boss wreaking havoc throughout Great Cleave, Brightwood, Edengrove, Ebonscale Reach and Brimstone Sands for new seasonal rewards.
  • Legacy of Crassus: The might of Rome threatens Aeternum. Hunt down General Crassus’ monstrous captains and banish the shadow of Roman tyranny. Following a plan set in motion long ago, Crassus’ forces have invaded the southern lands to unleash the cyclopses Lucanus and Decimus. Players brave enough to face these world bosses can search for portals in Brightwood, Weavers Fen, Mourningdale, Ebonscale Reach, and Edengrove. Each victory nets Adventurers new event-specific, daily rewards.
  • Cross world expeditions and improved Group Finder: Coming later this season, players can team up from any world within the same region to overcome challenges from the depths of Aeternum. The new, one-click Group Finder will automatically assemble a role-balanced, cross-world group—no more lobby management required!

New World is out now for PC via Steam.