snakebyte announce various Next-Gen accessories

by on October 8, 2020

Today, snakebyte has announced loads of accessories for next-gen consoles, including gaming chairs, charging stations, cables, and headsets. They have also announced new peripherals for the Nintendo Switch.

The new GAMING CHAIR: EVO is available in three designs, offering extra wide wings on the side to support the shoulders, a special cushion to support the lower back, back rest adjustments, and more. Made with vegan leather, the GAMING CHAIR: EVO is comfortable and affordable at £159.99.

For the Xbox Series X, snakebyte has announced various charging stations and battery kits, such as the TWIN: CHARGE SXTM (£29.99) that offers a double charging cradle, and the BATTERY KIT: SXTM (£19.99) that can be charged simultaneously with a USB-C Y cable. There is also a foldable HEAD: SET XTM (£17.99) with fantastic sound quality, a removable microphone with pop protection, and an elegant design with green accents on its black design. The PlayStation 5 peripherals are similar to the Xbox Series X, but there is a GAMES: TOWER 5TM (19.99) that stores four controllers at the same time and 10 games.

The Nintendo Switch hasn’t been forgotten about either. The DUAL CHARGE: BASE STM (£24.99) is a compact station that charges both a Pro Controller and two additional Joy-Cons wirelessly. It also offers space for the docking station, which receives its power via USB. The ARROW: CHARGE STM (17.99) is a smaller and more compact charging station which can charge a Pro Controller and four Joy-Cons simultaneously. Finally, the RING: KIT STM (£19.99) contains two grey padded handles and a black adjustable leg strap.

For more information, please visit snakebyte’s official site here.