Loads of games including Victor Vran added to Prime Gaming

by on November 8, 2020

There are so many services that give you access to free games on PC. For any Amazon Prime members, you are in luck, with Victor Vran added to Prime Gaming alongside a bunch of other titles and bonus content.

“At the start of November, Prime Gaming will include a library of 37 claimable games, worth a hefty sum of £300/$400+ – and this collection will continue to grow in the coming months. Prime Gaming is the only service to offer hundreds of pounds worth of games and in-game content that is available at all times. To top it off, all of these games are yours to keep forever, regardless of your subscription status!

This month Prime Gaming will be adding: Victor Vran, A Knights Quest, Smoke and Sacrifice, Lethis – Path of Progress, and Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan to its line-up. As always, there’s an abundance of loot to claim from titles such as: Apex Legends, Madden NFL 21, Rocket Arena, Roblox, and more!”

I’ve redeemed a bunch of Prime games before, as well as a purple Capuchin monkey to join me on the Sea of Thieves. The library is currently stacked with hours of entertainment, and well worth diving into.