Populus Run coming to Apple Arcade this week

by on January 26, 2021

A brand new game from developers FIFTYTWO is coming to Apple Arcade on Firday called Populus Run, a runner with a focus on food and rappers. Yes, you read that right. As players control crowds of people, they must dodge out of the way of fast food obstacles whilst battling food-themed rapper bosses including Macaron, Donut, and Burger.

Along with the Populus Run, there are some new updates for Outlanders, Spongebob: Patty Pursuit, and Agent Intercept, which are deatiled below:

  • Outlanders introduces tree farming to the outlands. With six new levels, players will help a group of outlanders as they attempt to live off just the fruits from the trees they plant, take over an abandoned town without destroying its natural resources, and even build a town from scratch in a completely barren land around an active volcano! The new Tree Nursery building plays a major role in every level, promoting a theme of preservation and restoration. On top of that, three new buildings are introduced: the Decorative Monument, the Fountain and the Bonfire.
  • SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit’s latest game update gives players the opportunity to collect coins and complete new missions for rewards. Unlock new friends to keep SpongeBob company on his adventures as well as iconic hats from the series for SpongeBob to wear while running through levels.
  • Agent Intercept thrusts players into a new mission where the evil agency CLAW are recruiting. Thugs and mercenaries are escorting a train full of weapons that are crucial to the agency to prove themselves worthy to join. This is a chance for players to stop them in the their tracks, intercept the speeding arms shipment and put an end to the expansion of CLAW.