Podcast #429: The Medium, Balan Wonderland, Bowser’s Fury, Hitman 3

by on February 1, 2021

The team have plenty to chat about this week, including the first official next-gen release for Xbox Series X|S. Adam Cook talks about the preview for Bowser’s Fury, whilst he and Chris Hyde discuss the demo for Balan Wonderland that dropped recently (spoiler, it’s not great). Adam Carroll has been having a ball with Agent 47 in Hitman 3, and Chris White tells the team just why The Medium is such a great psychological horror.

Elsewhere, the team discuss who should make a new Knights of the Old Republic game as well as some behind the curtains info about how we do our jobs when it comes to reviews, and whether any of us wish they could have reviewed something they didn’t get the chance to. It’s all happening on this week’s God is a Geek podcast.

Download the show in MP3 format, here (right click and save file as).