Turtle Beach and Neat Microphones reveal KING BEE II XLR microphone

by on June 17, 2021

Neat Microphones, the innovative brand of high-quality digital USB and analog microphones from Turtle Beach Corporation, has unveiled the King Bee II analog XLR microphone. The King Bee II is the long-awaited successor to Neat Microphones’ original award-winning King Bee.

Neat microphones king bee

Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation had this to say:

“Neat is already very well known amongst musicians and recording artists, so the debut of the King Bee II – the anticipated follow-up to their original, coveted King Bee mic – should have fans very, very excited.  We’re entering a $2.3 billion global microphone market with the absolute best team in microphones creating all-new high-quality products that will redefine what consumers should expect to pay. Neat’s King Bee II is the first of five all-new analog and digital USB microphone products launching this year.”

The King Bee II should offer outstanding versatility and incredible sound quality. Vocals, drums, electric guitar, piano, and acoustic instruments should shine with the King Bee II.  Spoken word applications, from voiceovers to podcasting to streaming content, can be captured with crystal-clear clarity and depth.  What you hear at the output is what the King Bee II hears at its input.  This is thanks to customized Class-A discrete electronics, powerful design, and a precision, gold-sputtered condenser microphone capsule.

Neat Microphones’ King Bee II launches at participating retailers in North America and Europe this summer.