Development of Diablo IV update reveals character and monster art

by on July 1, 2021

Blizzard has just released it’s second quarterly update on the development of Diablo IV, focusing on character and monster art. In the official blog post, Game Director Luis Barriga, Art Director John Mueller, Associate Art Director Nick Chilano, and Lead Character Artist Arnaud Kotelnikoff reveal new assets and dive into how the team are approaching the visuals for character classes, and the monsters that roam sanctuary.

Diablo IV will give players more control over customisation of their characters. It will stay true to its core classic fantasy, but allow unique characters to be created. The monsters will be gruesome and horrifying, as well as having the hand-crafted art style fans love.

Modern technologies are also explored in the development of Diablo IV update, such as physically-based rendering and the use of in-game cutscenes. There’re plenty of still images and animated fragments, showing off new enemies from the game, such as the Blood Bishop, Skeleton Lord, Succubus, and more.

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