Apple Arcade announces Fantasian Part 2 plus new games and updates

by on August 10, 2021

Apple Arcade has announced a massive content update for one of its most highly rated games, Fantasian, plus new games and updates.  The team announced two titles coming soon to the service, Zen Pinball Party and Zookeeper World.  This is in addition to the content update for Fantasian, which is coming on August 13.

Producer Hironobu Sakaguchi commented on the Fantasian update by saying:

The release of Part 2 of Fantasian marks the completion of the saga. It ended up being, rather unexpectedly, about twice the volume of Part 1 and is more quest-driven, giving players the ability to progress through the world at their own pace. Boss encounters are even more unique than before.

In addition to the Fantasian update on Apple Arcade, players can check out wurdweb this Friday.  Wurdweb is a relaxing word puzzle game that has that Sunday morning vibe. Players can also jump into recent updates for LEGO Brawls, Solitaire Stories, Clap Hanz Golf and EarthNight.

Coming Soon to Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade Fantasian

  • Zen Pinball Party from Zen Studios delivers the ultimate pinball experience.  Carefully crafted tables are inspired by some of the biggest brands from DreamWorks Animation and Hasbro, as well as popular classic pinball themes. Players will challenge their friends and family for the highest score on fun and unique tables featuring:
    • Trolls
    • Kung-Fu Panda
    • How to Train Your Dragon
    • My Little Pony
    • Theatre of Magic
    • Attack from Mars, and many more.
  • Zookeeper World from Kiterestu is the next installment in the highly popular action-puzzle game.  It will be available exclusively on Apple Arcade. Fun match-3 gameplay is combined with simulation features for players to create and manage their own zoo. Players will face a variety of challenging match-3 puzzles, collect coins, and place cute animals, equipment, and plants to increase the zoo’s “Charm” and attract more visitors. As players respond to the requests of the zoo owner and visitors, their rank will increase, allowing them to expand their zoo. Players will be able to customize elements to their zoo, upgrade their animals to be unique, and much more.

Launching August 13

Apple Arcade Fantasian

  • Fantasian (game update) from Mistwalker is the next breathtaking adventure from the creator of Final Fantasy and industry legend Hironobu Sakaguchi. Set against a spectacular backdrop made from nearly 160 handmade dioramas that blends physical environments and 3D characters, Mistwalker is launching Part 2 this Friday, the end to the captivating saga. The latter half features a more quest-driven style of gameplay that can take anywhere between 40 to 60 hours for players to experience. Furthermore, the characters’ Growth Map and ability to swap Party members in and out of battle have added new dimensions to the battle experience. The approximately 50 original dioramas and 34 tracks from celebrated composer Nobuo Uematsu featured in Part 2 will expand the Fantasian experience to new heights.
  • Wurdweb is a relaxing word puzzle game.  Players select words from a list and connect them to existing words on the board. With multiple game modes, players will puzzle their way towards a finished tile by putting down words that meet the objective. In Target Mode, there is only one single solution, whereas the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Modes, players can put down as many words as they can. And there are infinite unique puzzles to keep players entertained with randomly generated puzzles.

Recent Updates

  • LEGO Brawls.  Ninjago Seabound is making its gaming debut in LEGO Brawls. Dive into action on the all-new Ninjago Seabound level and collect amulets to control the mighty Wojira in this epic underwater adventure.
  • Solitaire Stories.  The recent update includes two brand new stories, over 30 new deck designs, and updates to achievements and scoring.
  • Clap Hanz Golf.  Test your skills on a new Europe course and three additional ranks in Tour mode with three new boss characters.
  • EarthNight.  Team up with a friend in the new two player local co-op mode, or while playing as either Stanley or Sydney the other character will join players on thier run as an AI controlled player running on dragons, fighting dragon heads and skydiving.

Apple Arcade will release the content update for Fantasian on August 13, 2021.