Prime Gaming announces September lineup, including Knockout City and Sam & Max Hit the Road

by on August 26, 2021

Prime Gaming has announced the September Prime Gaming content update.  Amazon Prime members can access a selection of games and content for popular titles, including:

Amazon Prime members can claim these offers for a limited time here.

Prime Gaming September offers

This month’s biggest offers include:

  • Genshin Impact.  Starting on September 1, players can grab 60x Primogems, 8x Hero’s Wit and 5x Calla Lily Seafood Soup to help rank up their favorite character while adventuring in the world of Teyvat in the widely popular RPG.
  • Exciting Games with Prime.  Prime members can claim this month’s set of popular titles including Knockout City, Sam & Max Hit the Road, and more with an Amazon Prime subscription.
  • Madden NFL 22.  Celebrate the start of the upcoming NFL season with the Prime Gaming Pack #1.  Includes 10 NAT Gold or better Players (Elite) for the newly released Madden NFL 22. Come back on September 9 to find out what’s inside Prime Gaming Pack #2.

September Lineup

This month’s lineup brings a variety of games for players to enjoy, including:

  • Knockout City.  Developed by Velan Studios and published by Electronic Arts under the EA Originals label, Knockout City lets dodgeball enthusiasts duke it out on the court.
  • Sam & Max Hit the Road.  Grab your nightstick, squeal like a siren, and Hit the Road with Sam & Max, Freelance Police, as they attempt to crack their toughest case in this 1993 2D deranged animated adventure.
  • Candleman The Complete Journey.  In this unique puzzle platformer, players take on the role of a little candle who can burn for only 10 seconds, exploring a wide range of enchanted environments to seek out the distant glow.
  • Puzzle Agent.  Created with indie comic artist Graham Annable’s unique narrative and visual sensibilities, Puzzle Agent challenges, thrills, and engages players in more ways than you can shake a cryptogram at.
  • Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis.  In the sequel to the award-winning adventure hit Secret Files Tunguska, the world is on the brink of disaster when players witness a murder and are thrust into the spotlight of events that encompass not only continents but also centuries.
  • Tools Up!  Dive into the local multiplayer game where players work together against the clock to host a wild renovation party.
  • Unmemory.  Explore in the text-driven mystery game that mixes puzzles and reading to immerse players in a noir thriller.