The Ascent achieves record $5m sales in launch weekend

by on August 4, 2021

Curve Digital has revealed The Ascent launch achieved the company’s largest-ever opening weekend sales revenue this weekend.  The game generated more than $5 million and secured the Number 1 slot in the Steam Global Charts.

Over 1700 YouTube and Twitch channels have streamed gameplay with over 10m generated views.  In addition, 90% of global Tier One publications have covered the cyberpunk-themed action roleplaying game which is the first title from Swedish Indie Neon Giant. This has put The Ascent in the Top 10 for PR coverage received on a single day in 2021, on par with and above AAA titles.

Curve CEO John Clark said:

The Ascent is the first game out of Curve where our new team has been able to substantially make their mark, working closely with the developer and our platform partners. This success is the result of a genuine team effort throughout the company, the arrival of new leadership and talent and is truly reflective of our new approach of being developer and player focused in all that we do.

Curve’s launch campaign for The Ascent focused heavily on community engagement.  The game has quickly become a must-play title for content creators, influencers, and streamers.  This enabled the title to rapidly build hype and awareness in the run-up to launch weekend.

A spokesperson from Neon Giant added:

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response from the community and all our players. As a small team of twelve, creating The Ascent has taken a monumental effort, and we cannot express how grateful we are to everyone who has played the game and given us feedback.

About The Ascent

The Ascent offers players the chance to step into an action-orientated sci-fi RPG.  Available to play in both single-player and up to four-player co-op. Features include:

  • A free-roam play style in a cyberpunk inspired dystopian world.
  • Classic RPG mechanics to enable players to build up their character including cyberware, augmentations and looting.
  • An unprecedented sense of verticality within its world, with different levels and platforms discernible within play.
  • Double-aim mechanic enables players to utilise the full screen and choose between multiple targets anywhere in the environment.

The Ascent is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles and PC and Xbox Game Pass.