Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity | All Silver Dragon Blade Locations

by on November 16, 2021

Far Cry 6 has received it’s first piece of DLC in the form of Vaas: Insanity. Returning to a warped version of Rook Island as the popular psychopath is a lot of fun. The main goal is to find three pieces of the Silver Dragon Blade. With a lot of exploring to do, and countless enemies to kill, we thought we’d help out by providing the locations of each part. However you choose to approach Vaas: Insanity, make sure you go in prepared. Once you’re tooled up, follow our Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity All Silver Dragon Blade Locations guide to help you overcome Citra.

The Volcano

All pieces of the Silver Dragon Blade can be done in any order. However, we’ll focus on this one first. Head up the volcano to the far left of the map. Once inside, you’ll see a huge ship hanging inside. Get on the ship and take out the waves of soldiers. Jason Brody will come at you continuously, but as long as you have decent weaponry, he won’t be a problem. The grenade launcher is great for blowing him into the air. This can help him take fall damage as well. Once you’ve survived, the blade part will be free for the taking. The entrance to the volcano looks like this.

Vaas: Insanity | All Silver Dragon Blade Locations: Citra’s Temple

If you follow the red path, it’ll lead you to a ravine you can climb (pictured below). Once you’ve made your way up, Citra is waiting. After doing enough damage, she’ll disappear and move on to another area. Repeat the process until you reach the final area. You’ll know it’s the last part because Citra turns into a huge bear, and there’re volcanic crocodiles roaming the floor. Kill her for a third time, and the next piece is yours.

The Prison Camp

The Prison Camp is perhaps the easiest of the three Memories. You’ll reach a prison camp that can be seen in the image below. Find Jason Brody and kill him a few times, as well as the various enemies located inside the camp. There’re ziplines you can use to traverse the camp. You also have to free versions of Vaas from cages scattered around. Completing these steps will give you the final piece of the Silver Dragon Blade. Once you’ve collected all three pieces, you need to return to the starting area and fight off five waves of enemies to finish the game. You can keep fighting more waves, but five will open up a portal to finish your run.