Rainbow Six Extraction | Girls’ Night / Out with the Boys trophy guide

by on January 19, 2022

Rainbow Six Extraction is pretty generous with its trophies. You’ll be pinging achievements left, right and centre as you play through Incursions. But a few of them are tricky if only because they rely on you either knowing what they are, or dumb luck.

Two prime examples are the Girls’ Night and Out with the Boys trophies. These will only pop if you complete all three objectives in an Incursion with a team of all female or all male Operators, respectively. Team composition is a big part of Rainbow Six Extraction, and while gender makes no difference to how each Operator plays, the skills you want to take in will have an influence on your party.

Rainbow Six Extraction | Girls' Night / Out with the Boys trophy guide

But there is a pretty simple way of getting both achievements: play an Incursion solo. If you load up Monolith Gardens on Moderate, chances are you’ll roll three fairly straightforward mission objectives. In solo Incursions, you’ll face reduced enemy numbers (especially at Moderate difficulty in New York) and only need worry about one target or objective per sub-zone.

Who are the best Operators for the job?

If you’re playing solo, make sure you either take a drone or an Operator with a Recon tool, such as Pulse or Lion (for Out with the Boys). You’ll need silenced weapons, and your choice of explosive – we’d recommend simply taking smoke grenades for quick escapes and easy stealth takedowns.

Rainbow Six Extraction | Girls' Night / Out with the Boys trophy guide

Vigil is great for his cloaking ability, while Doc and Finka remain obvious choices because they can heal themselves. If you happen to roll a Sabotage, we’d suggest Alibi for the Girls’ Night run, as her decoys are great for keeping Archies busy.

Be aware you must complete all three objectives in a single Incursion to pop either trophy, but follow our guide and you’ll have them both in no time.

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