Roblox and Clarks join forces for exciting shoe based content

by on May 16, 2022

When it comes to weird gaming crossovers, Roblox and Clarks has got to be pretty high up there. Kids love Roblox and kids wear shoes though, so I guess it makes a bit of sense. As of right now you can make your way to Clarks CICAVERSE stadium and compete in parkour, breakdancing and BMX games with your buddies and put those CICA trainers through their paces.

“For almost 200 years, Clarks Shoes has been known for their technological innovation and design expertise in footwear. On 16th May 2022, Clarks will take their pioneering approach to the next level and enter a brand-new era in the metaverse.

Designed to empower kids to play without limits, the Clarks CICAVERSE will celebrate one of the brand’s most iconic, unisex childrenswear styles and inspire a whole new generation of fans via an immersive gaming experience on Roblox.

When stepping inside the Clarks Stadium, players can get set for the sports tournament of a lifetime. Inside the game, kids will put the CICA through its paces as they battle it out with their friends to see who can grab the highest scores – from showing off their slickest BMX tricks and breakdance skills, to racing to the Parkour finish line alongside the real-life young athletes, who have used their sporting expertise to help Clarks create the newly designed CICA shoe collection.

In addition to sports, users will be able to let their imaginations run wild and give their gameplay a boost in the virtual Clarks store. Here, the possibilities are endless. From sneakers super-charged with fire to jumbo jet packs, players can purchase all the accessories needed to make their avatars stand out from the crowd and come out on top to be crowned champion of the CICAVERSE.”