V Rising | How to get Blood Essence

by on May 15, 2022

V Rising is the kind of survival game that wants you to work it out for yourself. While the opening few “missions” explain the basics and lead you to building your first fledgling castle, the game gives very few vivid explanations of anything. You’ll be picking things up that have the tiniest of item descriptions and sometimes you’ll check your inventory and find stuff you didn’t even know you had. Which is exactly what happens in V Rising with Blood Essence.

What is Blood Essence?

This is the single most important resource you have. Not only is it required for building many elements of your abode, it’s also the lifeblood of your Castle Heart. Without Blood Essence you can’t power your castle, so your refineries won’t work and produce essential materials. You can never have too much of the stuff, but V Rising isn’t always clear on how to get it.

It was ages before I realised what it was for or how I was actually picking it up – but worry not: it’s easier to come by than you think.

Blood Essence tips

How to get Blood Essence

In order to collect Blood Essence you need to kill organic creatures. Slaying humans and animals will cause it to drop now and then, but feeding is a 100% guaranteed supply. Blink and you’ll miss the notification text, but you’ll see the words “+XX Essence” as you’re slaying and drinking blood.

Store it in a Vampire Lockbox to keep it safe, and always maintain a comfortable stockpile of it.

So there you go: that’s how you get Blood Essence in V Rising. We hope this guide was useful to you and aids you in your journey to become the next Dark Lord.