Zenless Zone Zero | How to unlock new Agents

by on July 4, 2024

Zenless Zone Zero is the latest Gacha game from the HoYoVerse, following the vein of Genshin impact and Honkai Star Rail. As such, it features a cast of unique, colourful characters with their own skills and abilities that you’ll need to meet in-game and then unlock after following certain criteria such as completing their introductory Commissions. But once you can unlock them, how do you go about actually doing it? Read on to find how unlock new Agents in Zenless Zone Zero.

In order to unlock a new Agent in Zenless Zone Zero, you’ll need to enter the Signal Search screen, found in the Pause Menu (where your main character is seen chilling out). This is the Gacha system, and you’ll need to spend a specific currency to unlock different items within the search.

What’s the standard Signal Search?

Zenless Zone Zero unlock new Agentsless Zoner

In the “Stable Channel” (also referred to as the “Star-Studded Cast Channel”) you spend a currency called Master Tapes either singly or in a batch of ten. Each one gives you one search, and can turn up either an Agent or a W-Engine, an equippable gear piece. Items including Agents are ranked, and there’s a good luck system in-place.

If you don’t attain an A-Rank drop within 9 searches in a row, the tenth signal is 100% guaranteed to be an A-Rank. Likewise, if you don’t attain an S-Rank drop in 89 consecutive searches, the 90th is 100% guaranteed to be S-Rank. After 300 signal searches in this channel, you can choose an S-Rank Agent that you don’t have from the channel.

Are there other types of Signal Search?

At the time of writing only the Star-Studded Cast search is available, but there will be specific channels for limited time events and rarer Agents, Bangboos, and W-Engines. There you go: now you know how to unlock new Agents in Zenless Zone Zero.