Zenless Zone Zero | How to find Master Tapes

by on July 4, 2024

As a Gacha title, Zenless Zone Zero puts a lot of emphasis on unlocking new characters, here called Anomaly Agents, to use in missions. It’s a simple enough system wherein you use an item called a Master Tape to initiate a Signal Search, which gives a percentage chance of unlocking a new Agent. As you can imagine, this makes Master Tapes very valuable and, of course, rare. So just where and how do you find Master Tapes in Zenless Zone Zero? Read on to find out.

What are Master Tapes?

Master Tapes are a rare form of currency in Zenless Zone Zero that allow you to use Signal Searches and pull Agents and W-Engines from the Gacha menu.

Zenless Zone Zero Master Tapes

How do I find Master Tapes?

There are three primary ways to find or farm Master Tapes in Zenless Zone Zero. The first is to earn them as mission rewards by completing Commission in Hollow Zero, the most dangerous, original Hollow that becomes accessible during Chapter 1 of the story. Completing these missions grants a chance to earn a Master Tape, so you can grind them out here.

The second option is to trade in Residual Signal in the Signal Shop. You access this store through the Signal Search menu and can spend Residual Signal here, which you often get for simply initiating a Search, regardless of what you pull.

And the third and final way is to visit the 24-hour store and exchange various in-game currencies for Master Tapes, including Polychrome. This is a simple way of doing it, but requires a good deal of grinding.

Now you know how to find Master Tapes. We will update with any further options as we get into the game post-launch. Why not check out our review of Zenless Zone Zero, or see our other guides.