Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak | Follower Collaboration Quest Guide

by on June 30, 2022

One of the coolest new features added to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the Follower Collaboration Quest. These single-player-only quests allow you to fight alongside NPCs on standard hunts.

Not only are they great for practicing group play and trying out group-centric builds in an environment where you’re not affecting other players, they also offer unique rewards and a gameplay experience that feels a little different to the norm.

MHRS Follower Quest

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak | How to initiate a Follower Quest

After progressing through the first few Hub Quests in Sunbreak, you’ll be approached by Dame Fiorayne and asked to help her with a quest. Selecting it will launch you into a quest with her alongside you, fighting with her signature Sword and Shield. She’s a useful fighter, and will often employ traps and flashbombs, as well as Lifepowder when you need healing. She dishes out decent damage, too.

After completing her quest, others will become available to help Sir Jae and Dame Luchika. As you complete these Quests, others will unlock, eventually allowing you to fight alongside Master Utsushi, Master Arlow, Admiral Galleus, Trader Rondine, Elder Fugen, Hinoa, and Minoto.

MHRS Follower Quest

What do you get for completing Follower Quests?

Well, in addition to standard monster materials, you’ll also receive Royal Order Certificates. These come in three levels and are required to craft copies of each character’s unique armour set. Progressing through enough Quests with each will eventually reward you with the design for their armour, such as Master Arlow’s incredible Gunlance / Charge Blade set. Each set is designed around whichever weapon said character mains, as listed below:

  • Dame Fiorayne: Sword and Shield
  • Trader Rondine: Switch Axe
  • Master Arlow: Gunlance
  • Admiral Galleus: Greatsword
  • Elder Fugen: Longsword
  • Sir Jae: Charge Blade
  • Master Utsushi: Dual Blades
  • Hinoa: Bow
  • Minoto: Lance
  • Dame Luchika: Heavy Bow Gun

You’ll also receive new designs for unique Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapons. These are not only weapons they main, either. For example, Admiral Galleus rewards the design for the Royal Order Switch Axe, a Rarity 9 Paralysis Switch Axe.

MHRS Follower Quest

Can the Follower Quests be repeated?

Yes, they can. Also, completing one will generate a Support Survey version. These are the same in terms of monsters and challenge level, but you can select which Followers to take (up to 2) and also choose their weapons from a small selection. For example, Dame Luchika can use the Heavy Bowgun, Light Bowgun, Bow, or Gunlance.

Some of the characters have unique dialogue during these quests, such as Jae and Luchika who will often bicker, and Dam Fiorayne and Rondine, who will engage in some sibling rivalry.


So there’s how you initiate a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Follower Quest. Found this guide useful? Why not check out our other Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak guides?

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