Lollipop Chainsaw remake confirmed for 2023

by on July 5, 2022

It’s been 10 years since Lollipop Chainsaw hit Xbox 360 and PS3, but producer Yoshimi Yasuda has confirmed a remake is in the works and is coming in 2023.

In a message posted to Twitter, Yasuda confirmed that not only is the game coming, but the reasons behind it. First he revealed that after speaking with a friend at Warner Bros. who suggested the script was re-written, they did that before putting the 2012 title out, which ended up with James Gunn on duty.

“Unfortunately, various factors resulted in things making it so that fans can no longer easily play Lollipop Chainsaw, and it has been some time since players have not been able to access the game on current consoles”, explained Yasuda, adding that due to the game being “very precious” to the development team, it reached out to the original IP owner, Kadokawa Games, and managed to develop a remake, which is also being supported by Warner Bros in some form or another.

Yasuda added that things will be different from the original release, though it will be in-part made by people who worked on the original. He explained: “For instance, the original game had 15 licensed songs used in the soundtrack, but it is unfortunately difficult for us to implement all of them this time. As a result, aside from a few licensed tracks, the soundtrack will consist of new music.

Additionally, since we have access to consoles with higher specifications, we will be taking a more realistic approach to the graphics this time.”

Lastly, Yasuda confirmed a 2023 release date, saying: “In any case, our goal is to make it easier for gamers who want to play Lollipop Chainsaw to do so. Please look forward to the game’s 2023 release.”