Townscaper VR announced by publisher Raw Fury

by on August 16, 2022

Developer Oskar Stålberg and publisher Raw Fury have announced Townscaper VR, an “idyllic indie city builder”, and it’s coming to VR headsets on October 6th.

The previous game, simply called Townscaper, came to PC in August 2021 (early access in 2020) and is sitting on overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam.


Townscaper was originally released in June 2020 and received rave reviews from players across the world. This indie city builder allowed players of all experiences to build their own idyllic ocean-side towns with just a few clicks. Now fans and newcomers alike will be able to fully immerse themselves into the creative process and experience building their own quaint and colourful towns in a more immersive manner, through the power of VR.

Key Features of the game include:

  • Feel like a giant master builder using VR controls
  • Choose the colours of your building blocks from a relaxing palette
  • Plop down coloured blocks of houses at your own leisure on the irregular grid
  • Watch Townscaper’s underlying algorithm automatically turn those blocks into cute little houses, arches, stairways, bridges, and lush backyards, depending on their configuration.

Townscaper VR will let you “build cute and colourful island towns with curvy streets, small hamlets, soaring cathedrals, canal networks, or sky cities on stilts, block by block”.