Two Point Campus | 11 Tips to help you get started

by on August 5, 2022

Two Point Campus is an addictive, but often challenging title, seeing you have to juggle a lot of different priorities at the same time. It can become overwhelming, and before long you can find yourself in all sorts of bother. But have no fear, here at God is a Geek, we’ve got you covered, with the best Two Point Campus tips to see you tackle even the more difficult levels.

Read on to discover the best Two Point Campus tips

Two Point Campus Tips

Plan at the end of the year

Each year in Two Point Campus revolves around the school year, and it runs from August to July. At the end of July, all your students either pass, fail or graduate and return to their homes before another year starts. This gives you some breathing space to make changes to your campus, and expand where you need to without any other concerns to worry about. The next year won’t begin until you say so, so take all the time you need. Build that new room, or spend time tarting up some existing ones, so that you’re in the best shape for the next year.

Be mindful of campus requirements

Each year you will take on new students, which for the first few years means the amount on campus will grow a lot each year, as courses last several years before anyone graduates. In order to be able to be prepared for this increased student population, Two Point Campus makes it clear where you need to improve your campus. You may need extra staff trained in certain courses or additional teaching rooms to cope. Also, note if you choose to upgrade your courses – so they can take on more students per year – or add a new course option, this could further add to what you need to be able to function the following year, and all of those rooms and staff cost money, so make sure to consider this.

Don’t be afraid of taking a loan

Having said that, you shouldn’t worry at all about taking a loan. Often seen as a last resort in previous titles, and a sign of bad financial planning, taking a loan before the new year begins is often very sensible. Use it to upgrade your campus, and maximise your available student intake, and you’ll find you’ll comfortably be able to pay it back thanks to the increased tuition fees you’ll make in the long run. To be clear, your money does still need to be managed carefully to avoid waste, but loans are a good way of financing your yearly expansion and should be used as such.

Make sure you have enough Dormitories

The one thing that maybe isn’t obvious with your student expansion is how many dormitories you’ll need. The answer is, more than you think. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have enough dorms to accommodate one bed for every five students enrolled on your campus. This means students won’t become dissatisfied at having to share dorms too much.

Raise your room levels to help students

Room levels make students happier, and therefore more productive when they go about their learning. Size can affect a room, as can the key fixtures and fittings that you add to it. There are however a couple of tricks to it. Firstly, given space is a premium, it’s actually more financially viable to go for slightly smaller rooms but pack them with things. Ideally, fixtures that don’t actually take up any space like posters or rugs. This way you’re making the room appealing without getting in the way of the objects that need to be in there. You’ll also want to make sure there is variety in what you add. After a couple of the same items are added to a room, the increase in room level drops significantly. So mix up your walls with different posters, so that you can get the most room improvement for your dollars.

Listen to student requests

As you play through each school year, your inbox will be inundated with students asking for various additions to the campus. It might be a romantic bench outside, a new computer desk for the library, or a party in the Student Union. This is the students literally telling you how to make them happier, and therefore earn more money from them. So wherever possible always try and complete these requests. The only time to not do so would be if money is particularly tight, or you run out of Kudosh.

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Pay attention to staff skills

Each of the different staff types, Teachers, Assistants, and Janitors all have different roles to play on campus. Each of them can come with additional skills to consider, some adding nice boons, whereas others are critical for certain situations. Obviously, Teachers are critical for your students and need to be skilled in the courses you are teaching to be of use, so make sure you recruit enough of the right subject to be of use and cover for those resting in the staff room.

For Janitors and Assistants, you also want to pay attention. Having Janitors that can upgrade machines is essential if you want to upgrade (more on that later), and you’ll also need a couple of Janitors with the Security skill at the point when you need to deal with intruders. For Assistants, make sure you have a couple with the First Aid and Pastoral Care skills, once they become available. These help students through tough times and get them back on their feet to study.

Review the student’s needs

This one may sound obvious, but with all the hustle and bustle it can often be easy to not notice the things that students really need. Keeping them happy will make them better students, so that is a priority. Whilst you can inspect unhappy students individually, an easier way is to look more holistically. Go to Campus Management > Campus Overview > Student Overview.

Here you will find a breakdown of the overall ratings for each need. So you can see if you need to focus on improving the food situation for example, or making the campus more attractive.If you want an even more granular perspective, you can then click on Status Distribution to see whether the overall rating is driven by a few outliers, or is a general feeling shared by all. Either way, focus on the lowest rated areas quickly, to improve overall student happiness.

Keep an eye on grades

But let’s not forget this is an educational establishment you’re running here. Grades are what matter, and students with higher grades mean more dosh for you. You’ll be able to see the overall average grades in the bottom right-hand corner next to the happiness rating. You’ll want as many people on higher grades as possible.

To view student grades go to Personnel Management > Students. This will give you a list of all students, you can then sort by Grades to see those performing the worst. You can absolutely try and resolve any happiness issues they may have directly, but the other direct action you should take is to send all low-performing students to Private Tuition. Just make sure you have enough Private Tuition rooms (and they are being staffed) to cope with the influx of new students. Do this regularly to keep grades higher.

Don’t skimp on Research

Whilst research isn’t technically necessary to win (unless it’s a specific challenge), it’s well worth investing in to improve your campus. Improved machinery will mean the standard of your teaching is better, meaning every student has a better chance of higher grades. Prioritise those machines the majority of students use, so focussing on the Lecture Theatre is a great first choice. Also, make sure you have available Janitors to complete the upgrade.

Invest in Training

Similar to research, training is another great way of improving the standard of teaching. If you focus on improving a Teacher’s level in a particular field, they will teach students better. Training also allows you to have cover between staff, so you can train another Assistant in Pastoral Care, so you don’t rely on a single Assistant all the time.

One thing to consider is that a staff member is out of action when they are training, so only embark on it if you can afford to be a staff member down on top of the natural rest and rotation that normally exists as staff members tire.

Hopefully, these Two Point Campus Tips will help you become an educational pro in no time.

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