Two Point Campus | 5 Ways to earn Kudosh fast

by on August 5, 2022

In Two Point Campus, there are a few currencies to get your head around, but the one that perhaps can seem the most elusive is Kudosh. You use Kudosh to permanently unlock brand-new fixtures and fittings for your educational establishment. Many of these not only make your campus more visually pleasing but have a positive impact on key happiness metrics for your students. What’s more, you’ll often find students requesting you place new items on your campus, meaning having a steady supply of Kudosh is important. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled 5 ways you can earn Kudosh fast in Two Point Campus.

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Two Point Campus | 5 Ways to earn Kudosh fast

Take on Challenges

Every so often you’ll be presented with mini-challenges to complete. These appear as Suggestion Box challenges on the right of the screen and often reward you with regular money and Kudosh for completing successfully. There are quite a few different ones you could get, from raising the attractiveness of your campus to simply having students complete Assignments. They don’t have an expiry time, but completing them quickly nets you the Kudosh in the quickest time. Focus on completing these and you’ll be rewarded with a few Kudosh to add to your total.

Accepts visits

In addition to Challenges, another request that will appear in your inbox are visits from various people. They will be inspecting your campus, and depending on how well they receive it, the more cash and Kudosh you will receive afterwards. The important point to note though is that each different visitor focuses on different criteria. Some may be interested in the number of food outlets you have, whilst others may focus more on how attractive the campus is.

Always accept these visits, as there is no downside, but also make sure you prioritise improving the area they are inspecting for. Pause the game timer, and invest where you need to, to improve your campus. Then, when they come to visit they will be impressed and you’ll net yourself more Kudosh.

Host Open Days

Open Days are another way to earn Kudosh, often in slightly higher amounts than the previous methods. Again, pay attention to your inbox and you’ll see a request for an Open Day for one of the courses you are currently running. The only currency reward is Kudosh here, so accept it, and make sure to maximise the return.

The way to do this is to appeal to prospective students looking to study the course. Therefore they’ll need to be impressed with the facilities overall, but also in the teaching standard of the course they’re looking to take up. So make sure you’ve upgraded things, and put the best staff forward when the Open Day comes around. Then look forward to banking the Kudosh

Smack those worms

A silly but strangely satisfying way to earn Kudosh is to keep a lookout for Bookworms. These will pop up from the ground, in the grounds around the campus (not in a building) and stay above ground for a second before heading under again. In that short time you need to click on the worm to pull it up. Depending on the worm, sometimes you earn ordinary cash, and sometimes several Kudosh. It’s well worth keeping an eye out as the worms are quite frequent, and its a simple way to keep gently topping up the Kudosh balance.

Check out the Rewards section

Two Point Campus Kudosh

Easily the most lucrative way to earn Kudosh in Two Point Campus is through the Rewards section. After completing various milestones in the game, you’ll get a message telling you to go to the Career Hub. Here you can turn in your achievements for big Kudosh rewards. Anywhere from 50 to 100 Kudosh can be earned depending on the achievement. Make sure to cash them in as soon as you unlock them to add the Kudosh to your total. In the Career Hub you can also identify goals you are close to achieving and focus on them to unlock more Kudosh rewards.

With these 5 tips, you’ll be earning load of Kudosh in Two Point Campus in no time at all.