Moonbreaker is getting Steam preview weekends this month

by on September 6, 2022

After being revealed at Gamescom opening night live, the developers behind Moonbreaker have announced a preview weekend this September.

The developer is best known for the Subnautica series, but as mentioned during the opening night show, often changes things up with each new project, and Moonbreaker is a ” turn-based strategy, tabletop tactics game. Designed to be a true digital miniatures experience, set in an expansive sci-fi universe crafted by Brandon Sanderson. Direct Captain & Crew to determine the fate of the Reaches in gripping, ever changing competition & adventure”.


It looks great, and this Steam Preview Weekend is going to be split into two playtests, from September 9th to the 11th, then from September 16th to the 18th. All players who sign-up for the playtests will be able to experience the game for free ahead of its Steam Early Access launch on Sept. 29. For anyone who did not demo the game on-site at Gamescom, these Steam Preview Weekend playtests will be the first time they can play Moonbreaker, try out Captains, build custom Rosters, paint their Units, and much more.

Unknown Worlds says that “While the primary goal of these playtests is to stress test the servers, all participants are encouraged to stream their gameplay, upload their clips, and share their paint jobs with the world. All custom paint jobs created during the Steam Preview Weekend playtests will be saved so players have access to them if they purchase Moonbreaker when it launches into Early Access later this month”.

To get involved all you have to do is log into Steam and search for the game, then hit “Request Access” button on the “Join the Playtest” section. Confirm it, and you should be all sorted.

Moonbreaker is set to hit early access on PC later in September.