Potion Permit | Dog bonding guide

by on September 22, 2022

The most important part of any game is the inclusion of a furry companion, so with that in mind let’s discuss how to dog bonding in Potion Permit. He’s adorable and he’ll follow you everywhere (except indoors, poor little fella) but to get the most out of your pup you need to make sure he likes you. As such we’ve pulled together some handy tips so you can get the most out of dog bonding in Potion Permit.

How to bond with your dog in Potion Permit

Potion Permit dog bonding | The basics

Fortunately bonding with your dog is pretty simple. Every day you can pet him to raise his friendship level a tiny bit. It won’t seem like it does much, but it really adds up eventually. As well as giving him some fuss, you can also feed him once a day. He doesn’t like every type of food though, so be careful not to give him anything particularly ridiculous like milkshake or root beer. The easiest food to find for him is by far are the mushrooms in the very first part of Meadow Range.

How to bond with your dog in Potion Permit

There are a few benefits to keeping your pooch happy. Firstly, as long as he’s fed he’ll happily lead you to any NPC if you ask him to. This is incredibly helpful as the villagers don’t stay in one place for very long. Once his friendship bar is full, he’ll also start digging up items from holes. If you want handy materials like ginger, then make sure you look after that pup.