Potion Permit guide

by on September 22, 2022

There’s definitely a lot going on in Potion Permit, so you’d be forgiven for wanting a guide or two on how things work. We’ve played through the game and highlighted a few areas that you may have questions on, particularly when starting out your adventure. Whether you’re having trouble looking for that elusive Jasmine, wondering how fast travel works in the game, or just want more information on how to bond with your dog, then have no have no fear. Here at God is a Geek, we have the guide for you.

Check out our list of guides below to help you get started in the glorious world of Potion Permit.


Potion Permit guide list

How to find Jasmine

Jasmine in Potion Permit


How to fast travel

How to fast travel in Potion Permit


Dog bonding guide

How to bond with your dog in Potion Permit


Want to know more about Potion Permit?

Lyle here at God is Geek reviewed the game and had this to say:

Gathering ingredients and making potions to heal sick people is a great idea for a game, but Potion Permit falls a little short on the execution. It’s certainly satisfying to help the unwell people of the charming village, but the endless grind for materials and money makes Potion Permit a harder game to recommend than it perhaps should be.

To read Lyle’s review in full, you can click here.