Overwatch 2 | Best Heroes for Beginners

by on October 4, 2022

Coming in to Overwatch 2 as a new player will be daunting at first. There’re a lot of heroes to begin with, let alone once you’ve spent time unlocking them all. Despite the time it’ll take to become worthy of the Overwatch League, playing Blizzard’s hero shooter is one of the best online experiences out there, and as long as you’re having fun, that’s the main thing. There’re 15 heroes to choose from in the very beginning, so we’ve picked two from each class that we think are the best heroes for beginners in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 | Best Heroes for Beginners: The Damage Class

Soldier: 76

Soldier 76

For players coming in from the likes of Call of Duty or Battlefield, Soldier: 76 is the hero that’ll feel the most familiar. Even some of the best players will main as him due to his straightforward abilities and ease to play as. Each of his abilities will come in useful that all fulfill an integral role regardless of the situation. His Heavy Pulse Rifle might not do as much damage as it did in OW, but it’s still a solid weapon. He can also heal nearby teammates after deployment of his Biotic Shield, has Helix Rockets that launch a flurry of explosives at enemies, and can sprint across the map. Soldier:76’s Tactical Visor ultimate is also an asset to any team, as he’ll automatically damage anyone within its range.



After a little time in the practice range, it’s clear that Sojourn is an excellent choice for beginners. Up close, she’s an absolute beast who can do plenty of damage with her Railgun. It has two methods of attack depending on which trigger you’re using. Firing the right will charge the weapon’s energy so that when you fire with the left, it’ll fire a single high-impact shot that almost guarantees an instakill if you get a headshot. When using her Overclock ultimate ability, that left trigger attack becomes constantly useable without any energy being consumed, so you don’t need to fire with the right to fill it for the duration it’s in effect.

Another fantastic ability she has is the Power Slide. It can get you up close quicker, or away from an enemy faster than most other heroes, and if you jump mid-slide, she’ll reach a higher altitude that can give you an advantage from above. Her Disruptor Shot is an AoE ability that does plenty of damage if landed right, but it has a significant cooldown, so it’s best to only use it when multiple enemies are bunched up.

Overwatch 2 | Best Heroes for Beginners: The Tank Class



While the health of Reinhardt’s Barrier Shield has been reduced, his overall health has received a whopping addition of 100. He’s a great tank that can output significant damage just as much as he can take it. He’s great for use in some of the smaller maps, and with his Fire Strike ability, it will now launch two projectiles with a slight reduction to damage. Reinhardt’s Charge is a great way to knock back enemies, and his standard Rocket Hammer attack can be lethal if used right. Finally, his Earth Shatter ultimate will knock down all enemies in front of you, causing a great distraction for DPS players to unleash hell upon the opposition.


Overwatch 2 best heroes Winston

The simplicity in Winston’s abilities will be enticing for new players, as there’s less to learn, however, what does exist in his arsenal is an effective range of damage and protection. His Tesla Cannon locks onto enemies so accuracy isn’t a sore point for beginners. His base armour has been increased from the original Overwatch, and having his Barrier Projector offers temporary protection from the enemy. He can use his Jump Pack to launch himself into the air and attack enemies up close, with an ultimate that makes him almost unstoppable. Primal Rage buffs his health 40%, and while you can’t use his weapon when activated, it’ll allow you to beat down enemies with your fists with tons more protection.

Overwatch 2 | Best Heroes for Beginners: The Support Class


Overwatch 2 best heroes Mercy

Great for new players, Mercy is a support character with plenty to offer her allies. Her Caduceus Staff is a great tool when it comes to either healing or buffing teammate’s damage, and with her Guardian Angel ability, you can launch yourself to an enemy that needs help fast. She may be one of the most vulnerable support heroes, but her consistency, ability to revive fallen teammates, and even whip out a blaster of her own make her invaluable to any team. What’s also great about Mercy is her ultimate. Known as Valkyrie, it will allow her to fly for a short while, boosting abilities so that healing and damage build quicker.



Moira is a superb choice for any budding support player because she has a range of abilities that are easy to use, but are also effective. Her Biotic Grasp can both heal nearby enemies or do damage to the enemy, while at the same time replenishing the biotic energy needed to heal teammates as well as healing herself. Moira’s Biotic Orb can do damage from a distance or heal enemies when not up close, and her Fade ability gives you a brief respite as it makes her invulnerable, disappear, and move faster. When using her Coalescence ultimate, she’ll fire a beam of energy that does damage to anyone in its path, but teammates will receive health as a result. She’s a great mix of support and DPS, and by far the best of the bunch in our eyes.



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