Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Unknown Grave Mystery guide

by on November 30, 2022

Early on in Marvel’s Midnight Suns you’ll find the Unknown Grave Mystery, close to the walls of the Abbey. It’s a small stone shrine with a single doll laid upon it. The purpose of the mystery is to locate the other three dolls and unite them all to uncover a reward chest, and some information about the Hunter’s mysterious past.

Marvel's Midnight Suns unknown grave

First you’ll need to locate the grave itself, which can be found near the Abbey in the Dreamer’s Descent area. It’s a small stone monument with a single handmade straw doll laid upon it. The Mystery will begin when you find the monument, but where are the other three dolls? Follow on, and we’ll tell you.

1. Handmade Caretaker Doll

Marvel's Midnight Suns unknown grave

Marvel's Midnight Suns unknown grave

To find this one first, you’ll need to follow the path north from the grave site. You’re looking for a short incline that leads to a wooden walkway containing a blue Arcane Chest. On the same walkway, you’ll find the Caretaker Doll on a table.

Midnight Suns unknown grave #2: Handmade Hunter Doll

Marvel's Midnight Suns unknown grave

Still within the Dreamer’s Descent area, the Hunter Doll is located at the end of the path that leads eastwards from the DREAMER’S DESCENT text on the Abbey map.

Marvel's Midnight Suns unknown grave

You’ll find a small picnic area with a table and chairs before a large blue-green tapestry. The Handmade Hunter Doll is on the table here.

3. Handmade Lilith Doll

Marvel's Midnight Suns unknown grave

The third and final doll can be found close to the Standing Stones, at the bottom of the map below the “ST” in the text.

You can find the Handmade Lilith Doll hidden inside a child’s wooden den, where the Hunter used to play as a cute little baby demon.

Marvel's Midnight Suns unknown grave

Once you have all the dolls, return to the monument and interact with to place all four dolls together and complete the Mystery. You’ll receive an Epic Arcane Chest as reward, and Caretaker will show up to reveal some backstory about your former life in the Abbey. Aww.

We hope you found this guide useful in locating the handmade dolls and solving the Unknown Grave Mystery in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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