Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Complete Walkthrough

by on November 30, 2022

If ever there was a game that required a complete walkthrough, it’s Marvel’s Midnight Suns. A sprawling, epic take on the titular Midnight Suns from expert strategy developer Firaxis. If you’re taking your time, this is a game that could easily sap around 60 hours of your life, with untold numbers of mysteries, collectibles, puzzles, cards, and research topics to complete and discover.

Our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Walkthrough will give you the tools you need to get the hardest mysteries solved, such as the Moon Seals quest, which is almost a MetroidVania style part of the Midnight Suns. Then there’re the side-quest mysteries that will net you cool rewards. But our walkthrough even includes ways to gain the currency the game offers up, so you can get skins unlocked and customise your room asap.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Complete Walkthrough

Moon Seals guide

Marvel's Midnight Suns moon seals guide

Unknown Grave Mystery guide

Marvel's Midnight Suns unknown grave


Standing Stones puzzle guide

Marvel's Midnight Suns standing stones



Hunter Hero Challenge guide

Midnight Suns Hunter Hero Challenge


Magik Challenge Guide

Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Magik Challenge Guide


Spider-Man Challenge guide

Marvel's Midnight Suns | Spider-Man Challenge Guide

Captain Marvel challenge guide

Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Challenge Guide


Nico Challenge guide


Iron Man Challenge guide

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Iron Man Challenge Guide


Ghost Rider Challenge guide

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hell Rider Challenge Guide


Wolverine Challenge guide

Midnight Suns Wolverine Challenge


Blade Challenge guide

Midnight Suns Blade Challenge

Doctor Strange Challenge Guide

Midnight Suns Doctor Strange Challenge


Captain America guide

Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Captain America Challenge Guide


Scarlet Witch guide

Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Scarlet Witch Challenge Guide



How to get Arcane Keys

Marvel's Midnight Suns arcane keys


Old Midnight Suns Mystery Guide

Marvel's Midnight Suns


How to build Friendships

Marvel's Midnight Suns Friendships


How to use Blueprints

Marvel's Midnight Suns Blueprints


How to make Recipes

Marvel's Midnight Suns Recipes

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