Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Captain Marvel Challenge Guide

by on December 2, 2022

Captain Marvel might not be everyone’s favourite superhero in the MCU, but in Marvel’s Midnight Suns she’s an absolute beast. If you want to unlock her best ability and a truly audacious costume, you’ll need to beat the Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Hero Challenge. Luckily we know exactly how to do it.

Each of these Hero Challenges plays like a puzzle wherein you must use the abilities of the starring hero in a very specific order to succeed. As far as we can tell, there’s only one possible solution for each encounter, and finding them can be very hard. The Captain Marvel Challenge is no exception, but we’ve worked it out so you don’t have to.

Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Challenge

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Captain Marvel is a highly offensive fighter who can tank immense damage thanks to how many of her ability cards grant Block. What’s also interesting though, is that Carol Danvers can often consume all her Block points to deal extra damage, reflecting her maverick personality. Her Hero Challenge centres around this ethos, and is one of the tougher ones to get your head around.

You’ll begin with only one enemy in front of you with just 40 HP, and a huge red crystal with 170 HP. You need to destroy both to complete the Challenge. You have the following cards arrayed in your hand: Cosmic Ray, Knee Strike, Fist of Radiance, Quick Jab, One Step Ahead, and Rain of Blows. All seem perfectly equipped to deal damage, but you need to focus on increasing your Offense value before going in for the kill. The enemy you face will drop the All in One Card when it dies, which converts your accumulated Block into extra damage.

Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Challenge

Initiate combat by using Cosmic Ray on the enemy. As it’s currently targeting you, the attack will do extra damage. Follow it up with the Knee Strike and you’ll gain +5 Block. You must do it in this order as positioning is crucial.

Now use Fist of Radiance to apply Knockback and slam the enemy into the crystal. It will do a tiny amount of damage, but in this encounter, every little helps. At this point you’ll have the option to Go Binary. Do so for +29 Block, and then use Quick Jab on the enemy, which will kill it and give you the All In card.

Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Challenge

Thankfully, the card the enemy dropped doesn’t count as a card in your hand, so using One Step Ahead now will still draw two. You’ll get Regroup, and a new Fist of Radiance. Use Regroup to gain an additional +14 Block. Now you should be able to use All In to increase your damage by a whopping 48.

Use Fist of Radiance on the crystal which will leave you with 3 Heroism. Rain of Blows converts Heroism to extra damage, adding it to the +48 Offense you have to obliterate the crystal once and for all. Now use your newly acquired Supernova ability on the new crystal to complete the Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Hero Challenge. See the video below for an easy-to-follow demonstration.


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