Marvel’s Midnight Suns | Ghost Rider Challenge Guide

by on December 3, 2022

Robbie’s ultimate ability can be hard to get, so by using our Marvel’s Midnight Suns Ghost Rider challenge guide you can unleash the fiery beast within.

Each challenge can only be completed when you have fully maxed out the five-levels of friendship with a hero, so make sure you take him on as many missions as you can, hangout with him, and visit the spots around the Abbey when you have time. The heroic abilities for each character are massively powerful so it’s ideal to get them as early as you can. With our Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Challenge you’ll have Robbie maxed out and ready to pound fools with fire, super quick.

See our complete challenge guide with how to solve all these puzzles.

First you, you need to focus on getting three of the enemies into a group together. Ignore the fifth, more powerful (bigger health pool) demon behind you, and focus on the four that will net you the “Penance Stare” card.

Step one is to get the middle Whisper of Memory over to one of his pals. So use “Lash” and move him to the far left Memory, as below.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hell Rider Challenge Guide - step 1

Now let’s get straggler Memory over to join the gang. Again, using “Lash” you can whip him over. It’ll likely kill one the target, but that’s fine, we want them all dead eventually anyway.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hell Rider Challenge Guide step 2

Now there are two enemies grouped together, use “Judgment” which will instantly kill them both off.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hell Rider

Lastly, use “Retribution” on the straggler over by the wall. The damage alone won’t kill this Whisper, but ensure it is knocked back into a wall and you’ll get your reward.

Hell Rider Challenge Guide

With Penance Stare now in your grasp, use it on the Incarnation of Memory that’s been stood behind you watching the whole time, and wipe the smug smile off it’s face. One use = one kill. Nice!

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Hell Rider Challenge Guide

Congratulations, you’ve acquired Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare card, consumes half his health to do 2x damage per health pool. If you’re still struggling, there’s a video guide below showing how to solve it.


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