Prison Architect: Future Tech pack released today for PC and consoles

by on November 22, 2022

Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven have announced that the Prison Architect: Future Tech pack is out now for PC and consoles, and will cost 2.99 USD / 2.09 GBP / 2.99 EUR.

The upgrade pack adds things like searchlights, keycard-activated doors, and two robot dogs called Subwoofer and Byte (one of which is seen in the image, dropping a metallic todd on the floor). The idea is to add heightened security with this future tech, and this can be achieved by playing an inmate in Escape Mode.

This follows a recent “free for life” update, and even the undead spooky season update, which hit last month.


Prison Architect: Future Tech pack key features:

  • Advanced Searchlights – This technological marvel tracks misbehaving inmates. Equipped with a CCTV camera, a dramatic cone of light, and a siren, nothing will go unnoticed. The best thing? You can operate the searchlights yourself!
  • New floors, futuristic doors, and keycards – Squares are a thing of the past — embrace the future with hexagonal and triangular tiles. Thanks to the new shiny keycards that open every futuristic door, your guards won’t need keys anymore.
  • Structural updates, devices, and robot-dogs – Say goodbye to concrete walls and welcome Glass. With Glass walls, you can keep an eye on your inmates at all times, and if that is not enough, they can also wear a Tracking Belt. Follow their locations using the tracking menu, monitors, and routers. If you deem it necessary, there is also an Electrified Fence at your disposal. Lastly, we have reworked the design of inmates’ and guards’ uniforms, for a more futuristic look. And don’t forget Subwoofer and Byte, the two new robot guard dogs.

Elsewhere, the free update “The Slam” is also hitting PC and consoles today, which adds quality of life improvements, “more categories for your staff breaks”, a visitor zone, and more.