The Devil in Me | How to kill everyone

by on November 18, 2022

The Devil in Me by Supermassive Games prides itself on branching narratives that impact who lives and who dies, and frankly, there’s something eerily satisfying about trying to kill everyone. Plus doing so will also get you the Unhappy Ending trophy/achievement. But given all the decisions and story beats that unfold, that can be quite challenging. So we’ve pulled together everything you need to know to kill everyone in The Devil in Me.


Please do not read on unless you have finished The Devil in Me at least once or are not bothered about the plot or key events being spoiled. In order to provide the information required to kill everyone, we’ll need to go into certain details that spoil the story. You have been warned.

Note: This is just one set of solutions to kill everyone. There are other combinations that work, but this one has perhaps the most interesting and unique ending, so is definitely worth pursuing.

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The Devil in Me | Key decisions to kill everyone

Don’t take the Inhaler

The Devil in Me kill everyone

After Erin has to explore the hotel in the dark with her microphone, she will end up locked in a room on her own. After panicking, she will find herself face to face with a figure who offers her an inhaler. Choose to attack the stranger instead. Successfully complete the two QTE events, and you will end up stabbing the attacker with the sharp end of your microphone.

However, the stranger will recover, and aggressively stab Erin to death with her own microphone in instant revenge.

In the Incinerator, choose the door

Once Charlie is trapped in the Incinerator, he will have two options: to Force the Door or Lift the Grate. Choose to force the door.  When you get another chance, choose the door a second time. You will find that he can’t get the door open, and as the flames get more and more intense, he will end up burning to death.

Don’t press the reverse button

The Devil in Me kill everyone

After the plan to trap Du’Met fails, Kate and Jamie will find themselves in a room with a moving glass wall. It will begin moving to Jamie. Whatever your conversation choices, the critical bit is the QTE where you can press the button. Do not press the button – either wait for the timer to expire or aim away from it.

Depending on whether Jamie has the screwdriver or not will affect whether she survives being crushed. But the most important thing here is we don’t want to kill Kate – yet.

On the roof, don’t save Jamie

If Jamie survived the crushing wall, do not worry, we can kill her later anyway. You’ll need to wait until Kate is being chased across the roof by Du’Met for your opportunity.

After Kate has performed a lot of QTEs to escape the clutches of Du’Met, you’ll find he somehow gets a hold of Jamie on the roof instead. Kate should choose to flee here and save herself. Jamie will then lose the struggle with Du’Met and suffer a nasty impaled death.

“Help Mark”

The Devil in Me kill everyone

With just two characters left, we begin to unfurl the unique ending. After Mark has succeeded in turning on the lighthouse, he will see Kate approach the house. Du’Met however appears behind him, before we then proceed to control Kate.

Head into the Lighthouse, and up the stairs. Interact with the door to hear a commotion behind it. Open the door, and then when given the choice, be sure to choose “Help Mark”. It is revealed that this is Du’Met in Mark’s jacket, and he surprises and drugs Kate.

Agree to Du’Met’s plan

The Devil in Me kill everyone

When Mark comes around he is in a small chamber, where he can see Kate on a bed, being tortured by Du’Met. A video is then played to him from Joseph Morello – the man who posed as Du’Met and ferried them to the island. He says Mark needs to do the same for Du’Met’s next group of victims if he wants to save Kate and himself from Du’Met’s clutches.

You need to agree to this and make the call to the new visitors. Do not raise the alarm, and go along with the plan all the way. You’ll experience a few cutscenes showing Mark fulfilling his role, reluctantly. Then Kate and Mark escape on the ferry, and the credits roll…

The Curator will do his usual summary and he’ll even mention the two are safe but don’t worry, there’s a key post-credit scene coming up. It will end in both Mark and Kate’s death, and you will have successfully killed everyone.

Congratulations, your mission to kill everyone in The Devil in Me is a success, and this will nab you the Unhappy Ending trophy/achievement.

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