Mail Time gets a release date during Wholesome Games’ Snack Direct

by on December 8, 2022

The collect-a-thon platforming adventure Mail Time has been given a release date of April 2023 during the Wholesome Games’ Snack Direct, which is the pre-show before The Game Awards 2022 kicks off.

Along with the release date, there was a new animated trailer showing off some newly revealed locations like the leftover picnic, but the bigger news is perhaps that it’s also coming to PS4 and PS5, which will be coming with the previously announced PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch versions on the same date in April, which has yet to be finalised, it seems.


Use each job as an opportunity to explore the forest, meet diverse and cute critters around Grumblewood Grove, handle their packages with the utmost care, and listen to each of their stories. Motivate a training-focused turtle, act as the wingmate of a snail with a secret crush, or join an old soul as they relive their best memories.

Jump and bounce onto mushrooms or branches to discover dilapidated delivery routes and collect special bottle caps hidden throughout eight different locations full of cozy vibes. Personalize the protagonist Mail Scout with more than 46,000 combinations between their pronouns, colors, hair style, mail bag, clothing, and skin tone. Grumblewood Grove welcomes anyone and everyone to make a home here.

“Mail Time is now one delivery stop closer to release! I hope everyone at The Game Awards enjoyed their animated trailer package,” said Kela Van Der Deijl, Creator of Mail Time, “I am stoked that Freedom Games is helping bring my life’s work to both the Nintendo’s and PlayStation cozy communities. Everyone get your fuzziest socks and your warmest cup of hot chocolate, Mail Time is on its way to your doorstep next spring.”

Mail Time will be released on PC, Mac, Switch, PS4, and PS5 in April 2023.