Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire coming to Early Access

by on January 23, 2023

Digitality Studios and Freedom Games have announced that their farming roguelike Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire is coming to Early Access on PC. Starting on February 27, players are going to get to farm, feast (on crops and ethically-sourced food, obvs), and defend against Dracula’s evil minions.

Under the protection of sunlight, there’ll be 20 different seed types to sow, including sweet crapples, bitter coffin beans, spicy skullions, and frightening fangmaws, whatever they are. Quench sappling’s thirsts by capturing water droplets, avoid overworking or risking exhaustion, and the return of Voltaire’s brutish bloodlust which may potentially attract 16 types of nocturnal monsters to his location.

When nighttime arrives, it’s time to fight. Dracula will send his hordes to attack you, and it’s up to Voltaire to save his farm. There’s a skill tree to learn plant-powered parries, elevated vampiric forms, glaring gravity well traps, and over 60 custom ability modifiers.

“Defending new ideas and lifestyles against older generations is a tale as old as time,” said Luís Nogueira, Co-Founder at Digitality Studios. “Voltaire has been a creative outlet for us to freely express ourselves and also examine why we love the farming sim genre so much. Those who are determined to change minds and hearts while growing a few veggies on the side, this is the roguelike for you!”

If you missed out on Voltaire: The Vegan Vampire’s announcement nine months ago, you can watch the trailer below, which will hopefully give you an idea about what to expect when it enters Early Access via Steam on February 27.