High on Life cloud save added to the Steam version

by on January 4, 2023

After being released in late December, High on Life cloud save was the only thing missing from the PC version, really, and that’s now been rectified.

This may not seem like an important thing to every user, but if you’re one of the many Steam Deck owners, then High on Life cloud save is a major feature that’s been added. The game runs pretty well on Steam Deck, but the lack of cloud save means that if you started on PC you were stuck there, or likewise, without High on Life cloud save, if you started on Steam Deck, you’d be stuck with the lower frame rate, and lower fidelity visuals, too.

The community forums have been full of people asking for the feature since the release on December 13th, and there have been frequent (at one point daily) updates for the title, but until now, the feature hasn’t been added: but now it has!


In our review, Chris White said that “High on Life is a deceptively smart game when it comes to the mechanics of gunplay and traversal, and while there’re a few niggles with movement, it’s ridiculously fun. Squanch Games has managed to capitalise on the mistakes Trover made, as well as find holes in the FPS genre to create an enjoyable shooter filled with gross humour that never failed to make me laugh. There’s not a ton to do outside of the main story, but that doesn’t mean that the writing or structure of it ever failed to give me something to like”, and awarded it an 8/10 score.

The game has been very popular, with Xbox confirming it’s the biggest Game Pass launch of 2022, and the biggest third-party Game Pass launch of all time, and the biggest release of a single-player only game in the service’s history. 

“This was our first time launching a game with Game Pass,” said Mike Fridley, Studio Director and COO of Squanch Games, “and we’ve been blown away by the response from the players who have made us the most popular game on Game Pass right now. When Squanch Games was first created, it was to make the games we wanted to play – and Game Pass is helping us reach the players that want to play those games too.”

“High On Life is an incredibly unique title that we’ve been excited about for a long time,” said Matt Percy, General Manager of Content Planning at Xbox. “It’s fantastic to see so many Game Pass members jump into it at launch to experience Squanch’s story for themselves ahead of the holidays.”

High on Life is available on PC and Xbox Game Pass, so if you’re playing there this feature won’t be news to you, but for Steam players who love their Deck, this is going to be an overdue bonus that feels like it should have been included to begin with, anyway.

High on Life is out now for PC and Xbox.