Inkulinati best unit guide | Pick the right units for the job

by on January 28, 2023

If you want to make it in the world of Inkulinati, you’ll need the right units for the job. Throughout the game you’ll be given the opportunity to choose one of three new hand drawn warriors to add to your roster, and if you pick right this will ensure you’re strong enough for the journey ahead. How do you know which animal to add to the team though? Don’t worry, GodisaGeek has you covered with our Inkulinati best unit guide.

Donkey Bard

Donkey Bard

Far and away the best unit in the game, the Donkey Bard does it all and doesn’t cost a lot of ink to summon. As well as having a reasonable melee attack that also pushes, the Donkey can use its musical talents to wake up another unit and give them another turn this chapter with a stat boost. Whenever there’s a moment that calls for a specific critter to get the job done, your hoofed bard has got it covered. With these two abilities alone the Donkey Bard would easily be one of the most impressive units in the game, but its third might be the best of the bunch. Farting the pipe causes all three units in front of the donkey to skip their next turn and gives them a headache which messes with the turn after that too. If you can line up three foes and toot on them you’ve almost guaranteed a victory in that battle, and even hitting two enemies is devastating.

Sir Snail

Inkulinati best unit guide

A more expensive unit is up next, but one that’s worth every drop of ink. This mollusc only has one attack in its arsenal, but that’s all it needs. Any enemy standing next to the snail can be devoured instantly, which is a guaranteed one shot kill. The drawback to this powerful attack is that Sir Snail is thematically slow moving, so getting into the action for those insta kills can be tricky. With a bit of team management and a few pushes though, this Snail will pick off enemies quicker than any other unit.

Inkulinati best unit guide: Any rabbit unit

Any rabbit unit

So I wouldn’t normally recommend choosing the rabbits as your starting three units, but it’s definitely worth picking up a single member of that adorable tribe early when the pickings are slim. The bunnies are essentially weaker versions of all the other potential starting units you can choose from, but with one extra powerful ability to take advantage of. Here comes the Butt will cancel the next turn of an enemy in range, as well as weakening them going forward. This can really change the tide of battle, and means that the rabbits are a great asset to any ink army when not expected to deal all the damage.

Anything that heals

Inkulinati best unit guide

The lack of specificity here might seem like it’s cheating, but this is important. Healing in Inkulinati is hard to come by, and if you don’t keep your units healthy then you’ll need to summon more which will increase your boredom and get out of hand fast. Unless you picked a healing power at the start of the game, I’d say that a healer is the most important thing to look out for early on. The Bishop-like Creature is probably the best of all the healers, with the ability to mass heal three units at once and buff allies with halos, but the single healing Bishop Cat and Cook Exploder will also work wonders in a team that needs some aid.

Inkulinati best unit guide: Anything your team doesn’t have

Anything your team doesn't have

Once you’ve secured the best that Inkulinati has to offer, choices become a little tougher to narrow down. At this point in your run it’s important to diversify your army as much as possible with random picks from as many different tribes as you can. Having a Demon that’s immune to fire and Hell Maws is fantastic against certain foes, whereas on maps with limited space the Exploders deal a ton of extra damage when they explode on death for an easy win. The more options you have going into a battle the better, and later in the game spamming basic dog units just isn’t going to cut it so make sure you have a variety.