Ninjala Season 12 starts today

by on January 16, 2023

GungHo Online Entertainment’s gum-based ninja action game Ninjala sees Season 12 start today, focusing on steampunk, junk, and more. Included in the new season is a high-risk, high-reward Shinobi Card, and a classic pastime known as Ninjala Fishing, offering a shinobi twist.

The new season of Ninjala runs until April 26, and will feature the following event-exclusive items:

  • Fast Fashion? More Like Junk Fashion: Another season means a new wardrobe, but you’ve never seen outfits like *this* in Ninjala. Throw on (but don’t throw out) scrapyard and steampunk-inspired outfits to show off your junk couture.
  • Roll the Dice: The new “Gambler Card” Shinobi Card is perfect for brawlers who love to test their luck. Unlike most Shinobi Cards that have a fixed effect, the Gambler Card gives a different effect every time you respawn.
    • If you win big, you could receive a full recharge of your Gum Ninjutsu or even powerful Super Armor.
    • If you aren’t so lucky, you might lose it all with debuffs that drain your Ninjutsu charge or decrease your movement speed.
    • There’s even a chance to get no effect at all!
  • More Than One Way to Catch Fish: Pack your tackle box and take a trip to the WNA Resort, which now offers the ‘Ninjala Fishing’ activity. You can cast your line in any large body of water, including the ocean or lakes found around the resort. Try out three types of fishing, each with their own tactics and challenges:
    • Pole-and-Line Fishing puts you in a push-and-pull against the fish by using a float. Pay close attention to your float; as soon as it gets pulled deep underwater, reel in your line and hook your catch. Be warned: some fish are tricky and will shake the boat to fake you out.
    • Surf Fishing (Bait) is all about moving in sync with the fish. While you still need to watch for bites and time when you pull in your line, the key is moving your rod back and forth with the fish’s movements. If you want to exhaust the fish and catch it quickly, you can increase the tension of your line, but doing so will sacrifice its durability.
    • Surf Fishing (Lure) is similar to Surf Fishing (Bait), but instead of baiting fish near the surface, you’ll need to keep your bait at the right depth to lure in your prey.
  • Build the Ultimate Fishing Equipment: You can now buy fishing equipment at the Shinobi Shop, including Fishing Rods, Fishing Rod Skins, and Bait. Mix-and-match these pieces for new ways to catch bigger and better fish. Rods each have their own abilities, such as decreasing fish stamina or granting combination bonuses. Certain fish can only be caught using the right bait, so keep track of what’s in your tackle box.
  • Catch Them All: Each player will receive a species catalog called an “Aquapedia” to help them track the fish they have or have not yet caught. Check the Fishing Map for tips on where other players have reeled in large or rare fish to fill out your Aquapedia.
  • Reel in Rewards: Complete Fishing Missions—including weekly challenges—for extra rewards like bait, research points, Jala, and more.

Along with the above items, the Fishing Release Celebration Campaign kicks off today, with special event missions and free bait when buying fishing rods, with bait corresponding to the rods purchased. There’s also a Horse Mackerel Tournament, along with other monthly tournaments. Players can join tournaments from the Events option in the in-game fishing portal from now until February 1, where high-ranking players will receive limited edition badges. Finally, the top 2,000 players will have a better chance of catching rare fish by using “Gumchi” bait.