Meet Your Maker a huge success at Steam NextFest

by on February 27, 2023

Meet Your Maker, the post-apocalyptic base builder had an incredibly successful Open Beta, highlighted in the infographic below. As you can see, there were nearly 3 million Raids attempted, over 30 thousand Outposts created, and over 6 thousand Outpost kills. The Open Beta was shown off at the recent Steam NextFest between February 5 and February 13, and these stats highlight how popular it was.

Over 800 games were shown off at the event, and Meet Your Maker ranked in the top 3 with the highest average daily unique player count. For those not in the know, the synopsis reads, “You are the Custodian of the Chimera, a living experiment created as a last resort to save life on Earth. Enter a tactical battle for the planet’s most coveted resource and the key to your Chimera’s evolution: pure Genetic Material. Construct and fortify brutal Outposts to extract and guard your Genmat. Infiltrate and outsmart other players’ Outposts to gather more. Adapt, upgrade, and evolve… or die trying.”

Gameplay of Meet Your Maker includes:

  • DEADLY OUTPOSTS – Mastermind a maze of devious deathtraps and challenge the world to survive it.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE TRAPS – Incinerators, bomb ejectors, impalers, and more. Fill your Outpost with an array of highly customizable traps.

  • GUARD DUTY – Pre-record custom patrol paths for a variety of guard types with an innovative AI recording system.

  • REPLAYS & REWARDS – Share your Outpost, watch replays of any Raider who takes it on, and collect rewards from those who die.

Meet Your Maker releases on April 4, 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Meet Your Maker Infographic