Overwatch 2 adds Loverwatch event to celebrate Valentine’s Day

by on February 14, 2023

As part of the season 3 fun of Overwatch 2, Blizzard has updated the game for February 14th (Valentine’s Day) and added Loverwatch, an all-new event that will bring new cosmetics to the game through event challenges, and even offer a dating sim adventure involving Gengi and (the obvious best choice) Mercy.

Loverwatch – Love Never Dies! is apparently “non-canonical”, and is a short form dating sim where you have to follow either Genji or Mercy to “romantic locations” that are based on Overwatch 2 maps. There’s titles for your profile that are only unlocked by playing this adventure online (link above), as well as “inside jokes, easter eggs, and even a secret ending depending on how you treat your companion”.

Hanzo’s Cupid’s Kiss highlight intro and cute titles are up for grabs, and are free for just logging into the mode today, which requires Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari to be pretty up to date. There are other new (premium) highlight intros as part of bundles in the shop, and if you earn that highlight intro first the bundle will be discounted.


Love of Geometry is another arcade mode, detailed below:

We’re bringing the fight for romance to PvP with a new brawl, Love of Geometry. This team Deathmatch brawl pits teams of four Cupid Hanzos against each other to determine which is the ultimate love squad!

The best part is that an original ability for Hanzo, Scatter Arrow, makes its return! Scatter Arrow bounces, splits, and ricochets his arrowhead in different directions. Bringing it back for this limited-time and light-hearted mode is the perfect way for new players to experience Hanzo’s love of geometry!

There’s also a surprise waiting when you fire Hanzo’s ultimate ability, Dragonstrike, that we’re sure you are going to love!

A limited time legendary skin is available for Hanzo, inspired by Cupid, with heart designs in the quiver, and every arrow fired will have visual effects on it, which is great if you hate being sniped by Hanzo over and over. If you complete all six of the Valentine event challenges you will also get a Lucio Bitrate epic skin.

Overwatch 2 is out now on PC, Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation, and is free to play.

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