PowerWash Simulator getting Final Fantasy VII content

by on February 27, 2023

As announced in an official PlayStation blog post, PowerWash Simulator is getting some Final Fantasy VII content on March 2. Jess Green, Marketing Coordinator at FuturLab, said there would be five new maps featuring favourite locations from Midgar, and players will get to blast the dirt off of them, including Avalanche’s favourite bar, Seventh Heaven, and a very filthy Scorpion Sentinel.

Speaking of the Scorpion Sentinel, the post said, “we’ve represented a variety of scratches and projectile ricochet marks via a new Battle Damage dirt type. Additionally, the Scorpion Sentinel bears the consequences of a test with one of Professor Hojo’s specimens, as seen from the splats of bio residue present all around the machine from this creature’s attacks. As the Sentinel is powered by Mako energy (my favourite new dirt type), we have deposited it in key areas to illustrate how the Sentinel had been pushed to its limits. The rest of the dirt is mostly grime that accumulated during the various trials the Scorpion Sentinel underwent.”

In regards to Seventh Heaven, FuturLab said, “we absolutely knew we had to tackle the best bar in Sector 7 and home of Avalanche, Seventh Heaven. Not only does it give players the opportunity to hear from beloved FFVII characters like Cloud and Tifa (while also being able to clean some of gaming’s coolest weapons like Barret’s gun and Cloud’s buster sword) but our first-person perspective also offers the opportunity to take a closer look at Tifa’s decorating skills and explore areas of the bar players couldn’t see as easy before.”

As well as cleaning up the Scorpion Sentinel and Seventh Heaven, PowerWash Simulator players will get to see other Final Fantasy VII locations such as the Hardy Daytona and Shinra Hauler, the Mako Energy Exhibit, and the Airbuster. The Midgar Special Pack is completely free and arrives March 2.