Blood Bowl 3 gets major update to address criticisms

by on March 24, 2023

Developer Cyanide Studio has released a major patch for Blood Bowl 3 which looks to address many of the concerns with the original release, and the update is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

Revealed via a press release, Cyanide Studio explained:

Since the game’s launch last month, the studio and publisher have been inundated with passionate responses from the community, including note of certain technical problems and concerns about the monetisation system. Based on this feedback, numerous changes have already been announced and implemented to improve the game and to correct these issues.

The developer added that Blood Bowl 3 was designed to be “a long-term, supported experience, with new content, features and competitive events to be added to the game on a regular basis”, and in addition to that, the team says it’s “well aware that the game’s foundations and the quality of the gameplay are essential”.


This major patch is a response to one of the biggest concerns about the monetisation within Blood Bowl 3. Here’s more info on that:

From now on, all Common, Rare and Epic equipment that is unlocked through purchase or in-game reward will be available for unlimited use by the different teams, for characters playing the same positions. It will no longer be necessary to purchase several helmets or shoulder pads to equip other players in the same position. Players who have purchased the same piece of equipment several times (now with unlimited use) will be reimbursed in Warpstone, the Blood Bowl 3 in-game currency.

Cyanide Studio says that while pre-season will last until the start of the first proper season in May, the team is going to keep updating and responding to the community, with special attention going towards prepping for the competitive season (“(rankings, matchmaking system, admin tools, etc”), and patches will be released to fix issues going forward.

Lastly, as way of an apology for any issues people may have had at launch, the “season 1 blood pass” is going free for all players, meaning you can get the new faction, and the fifty reward levels.

Check out the full, extensive patch notes on Steam, here.

Blood Bowl 3 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.