Human: Fall Flat has now sold over 40 million copies

by on March 7, 2023

Human: Fall Flat has hit another major milestone, as Curve Games has announced it’s now sold over 40 million copies of the game, and to celebrate this big number, a new level has launched.

The new level is called “Copper World” and features “an industrialised zone where gigantic wheels, electric circuits and massive coal engines unlock unthinkable paths. Players can explore this fantastic new environment and some of the many points of intrigue in one of the most challenging levels created for Human: Fall Flat to date”.

It’s a madcap game that has bizarre physics that make it a whole lot of fun with friends, as you can see in the trailer below:


“What makes Human: Fall Flat so great is our community. We really appreciate all the support of the fans and are astounded that we have over 40 million people experiencing our game around the world,” said Tomas Sakalauskas, CEO and Founder of No Brakes Games and Creator of Human: Fall Flat.

Gary Rowe, Chief Content Officer at Curve Games, added that “When Curve first met with No Brakes Games, we knew that Human: Fall Flat was something special, but we have been astonished by the enthusiasm and passion from the fans over the years who continue to support the game with their quirky new level ideas. We are extremely proud of everyone involved”.

It feels pretty weird to think we originally reviewed this in 2016 on PC, and it’s now everywhere and so wildly successful. Back in his review, Chris White said “Even though some of the fundamentals of control can prove exasperating, and the camera angles can be terrible, the heart is worn gracefully in every dreamscape and every idea.”, and gave it a 7/10.