Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to mobile devices

by on March 22, 2023

Hot on the heels of a new game announcement, Team Meat has now also confirmed that Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to mobile devices on April 20th. That means you can play the game on either iOS or Android (your choice!) from then.

What’s perhaps even better is that it’s just a normal game purchase. No subscription needed. As co-founder of Team Meat and programmer of the games, Tommy Refenes said “Super Meat Boy Forever was born out of a desire to make a two button Meat Boy game that was as hard and as rewarding as the original Super Meat Boy. Two buttons makes it a no-brainer for mobile. With Thunderful’s help we were able to bring the entire game, already on PC and consoles, to mobile without sacrificing anything. It’s the full game for $0.99, no ads, no micro-transactions, just pure Meat Boy joy on a phone. What a time to be alive”.


Super Meat Boy Forever is the ultimate challenge for mobile gamers. With randomly generated levels, every playthrough offers a fresh and exciting experience. And while the game can be tough, it’s also incredibly rewarding. Each time you conquer a level, you’ll get that sweet Super Meat Boy feeling of accomplishment that’s hard to find in other games. But that’s not all – Super Meat Boy Forever is packed with thousands of level chunks that can be combined in endless ways. This means you can replay the game several times without ever seeing a duplicate level. It’s like having an infinite amount of meaty goodness at your fingertips!

While not quite hitting the heights of the original game back in 2010, Super Meat Boy Forever is going for a different thing, really. Originally released in December 2020 for PC, Xbox One, Switch, PS4, it didn’t quite score as well when Lyle reviewed it. He said it’s “an entertaining autorun platformer that never manages to step out of the shadow of the first game. Although packed with ideas and an almost infinite amount of content, Forever’s lack of control and dismal boss encounters fail to live up to the high standards that Team Meat has set previously”, and giving it a 6/10.

The game is out now, but coming to iOS and Android on April 20th.

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