Achilles: Legends Untold is coming to Xbox and PlayStation

by on April 26, 2023

Dark Point Games has announced its RPG set in a world inspired by Greek mythology, Achilles: Legends Untold, is coming to consoles, after launching in Early Access last year for PC. The console release will be part of the wider 1.0 release in the third quarter of 2023, and will include both the current gen of systems (PS5, Xbox Series S|X) as well as PS4 and Xbox One.

“The simultaneous release of the game for PCs and consoles, and therefore the postponement of the release of the full version of the game for PCs, will allow us to fully realize the potential of Achilles. As a result, we will have additional content for you, which will add even more variety and enrichment to the gameplay. We will continue to listen to your feedback, which will allow us to better tailor the game to your needs and expectations. Ultimately, we want every player to be able to enjoy the game on their favourite platform, so the release of the full version will be available on all major platforms. Each of these steps is essential for you to have an unforgettable experience and for us to succeed in the world of video games”, says Pawel Waszak, CEO of Dark Point Games.


The team says the RPG is inspired by the likes of Dark Souls and Diablo, and features a system called “Group AI Action”, or GAIA for short. You play as Achilles and have to take on giant warriors and mythological creatures as you go. It was originally planned to launch in Q2, but the later release date has given the team longer to make extra content, and there will be two major updates for the PC version before launch as well, with yet more features. Apparently the co-op is being re-designed, which is good since the game is said to be 20-30 hours long, before you even get to the New Game Plus mode.

CEO Waszak added, “We are a team that loves creating games for our players, and moving the Early Access release date is an opportunity for us to bring you even more awesome features and content for consoles and PCs. We want Achilles: Legends Untold to be the best it can be, so our team will be working non-stop to introduce new immersive content on a regular basis leading up to its release in Q3. All this will give you more ways to take on the role of Achilles and survive in a brutal world inspired by ancient Greece. However, these are not all of our aces; we still have some up our sleeves! In time, we will reveal what else we have in store for you. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in ancient Greece!”.

Achilles: Legends Untold is in early access on PC now, and coming to consoles later this year.