Achilles: Legends Untold is getting a major story revamp

by on August 21, 2023

Dark Point Games are preparing to launch out of early access with RPG Achilles: Legends Untold later this year, but ahead of that a story revamp is coming.

This update is coming on Monday, August 21st, and will include an overhaul of Troy, a new boss fight, and also changes to the currency system. Paweł Waszak, CEO of Dark Point Games, explained: “Following the community’s voice, in the last update to the Early Access, we focused on reworking the story of Achilles. We also introduced several technical changes to improve the overall gameplay experience. As the game reaches its final update before the full release later this year, console enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Achilles: Legends Untold is undergoing the certification process for PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X consoles”.

Check out the trailer for the update, below:


After the Battle of Troy, Achilles surprisingly returns to Greece and finds the place changed beyond recognition. The brave warrior has to confront demons from his past and embark on a quest to save his homeland from falling into the clutches of terror. The new update introduces half of his story. The other half, however, will be added with the game’s full release in Q3 2023.

Tweaks also include the main hero of the game – Achilles. During his journey through Greece, we can hear him reflect upon the events and decisions he makes, which gives his character more depth and uniqueness. Furthermore, players are given more liberty to shape the story of Achilles and can now decide the fate of some enemy bosses. With the narrative layer reworked, this update also features new NPCs with a complete and professional voiceover.

Regarding the currency changes, “Fate” is being replaced with XP and Gold Coins, which the developer says is a “natural and more user-friendly option”. With that user friendly ideal in mind, there are more changes coming to crafting, as well as the skill tree. Finally, the team will be updating the AI to act more unpredictably, “encouraging players to take unconventional strategies to defeat them”.

Achilles: Legends Untold is in early access now on PC via Epic Games Store and Steam, but will be coming to consoles as well, later.