Discord Nitro gets host of new features

by on April 6, 2023

Discord Nitro is getting a ton of new features that’ll offer subscribers a chance to express themselves and their personalities this week. These features will help users engage with friends and families like never before, and there’s a full blog post that details them more thoroughly, but you can check out an overview below:

  • Soundboard gives users more ways to react and have fun with their friends in voice channels chats or while gaming with a fun set of sounds curated by their community. Nitro subscribers can use soundpacks across servers, just like they can with emojis and stickers. Think duck quacks, trumpets, and air horns coming to your calls.
  • Super Reactions let users add intensity with an animated emoji reaction – like a flurry of hearts or a rocket blasting off – visible to everyone. Nitro subscribers will receive 5 Super Reactions per week on server messages of their choosing, while Nitro Basic subscribers will receive 2 Super Reactions per week. Everyone will be receiving 2 Super Reactions to get started, even if you don’t have Nitro yet.
  • Additional Client Themes help make the Discord experience reflect your vibe. When new Themes first launched a few short weeks ago, 16 unique Themes became available for Nitro subscribers to personalise their desktop app. Now we’re releasing an additional 5 Theme colours to choose from and help make your Discord views just right. New themes include Retro Storm, Strawberry Lemonade, Aurora, Sepia and Neon Nights.
  • New Limited Time Avatar Decorations offers users a way to add extra flair to their profile icon with a new set of limited time Avatar Decorations including some fragrant flowers, a mushroom cap and a forehead froggy!

All the above features are part of a Nitro membership, including HD video and backgrounds, longer messages, the abilitiy to boost servers, and larger file size uploads. You can also watch a video detailing the new features coming to Discord Nitro below: