Discord voice chat now available for all PS5 users

by on March 8, 2023

Discord has announced that voice chat is now available for PS5 users everywhere, having previously only been for beta participants. The feature means that if a game doesn’t support cross-play voice chat, you can just talk via Discord, or if you’re playing single player games on different systems, but want to chat to pals, you can do that without needing extra steps or software. With the right headset you can even mix the voice and game audio properly, too.

On top of that, there’s a hand video been released by Discord that shows exactly how you can set up PS5 Discord voice chat, and how to get chatting, and you can watch that video right below.


For those who prefer the old fashioned tutorial style, here’s a step by step guide to using PS5 Discord voice chat:

First of all make sure you are fully updated on your PS5 system software. A new update hit today (March 8th, 2023) so that’s likely the one you’ll need that adds the integration with Discord. If you aren’t sure how to update your console, you can find out how, here.

  • From the PS5 console, connect their PlayStation Network account to their Discord account to grant Voice Access to their console. (Note: if you’ve linked your PSN and Discord accounts in the past to display what game you’re playing, you’ll need to link your accounts again on your PS5 console to grant the new permissions needed for Discord voice chat. Users who tried out Discord Voice on PS5 during the beta phase won’t need to link again).
  • Join the desired voice channel on Discord.
  • From the Discord client (desktop, browser, or mobile app) select the option to Transfer to Console and choose the PlayStation 5 console associated with the PSN ID connected to their Discord account.
  • Press Transfer Voice and use Discord voice chat on their PlayStation 5 console.

And there you have it, easy as pie.