Discord is launching a game store (currently in beta) with a curated selection of games for Nitro users

by on August 9, 2018

Discord just announced The Discord Store.

Discord aims to provide even more value to Discord Nitro subscribers with a curated selection of games. Discord is rolling this out to 50k Canadian players and adding more over time. There will be a Discord Store tab with individual games for purchase once this goes live. Here’s what they said about the Store:

For many people like us, you grew up during a time when there were a relatively small amount of games being released. We remember devouring Nintendo Power, PC Gamer, and other various gaming mags to get a sense of the titles coming out. We were always longing for the next best title. Always anxious to get our hands on something fresh.

Today, the problem has flipped on its head. There’s an abundance of fantastic games. Fantastic games that we missed. Games that we even purchased but never got around to playing.

We want to give you an easy opportunity to play the golden games you’ve missed and we want to offer an awesome selection. So, we’ve curated some of these golden games and will be adding them to Discord Nitro.

We’re excited to offer you the opportunity to catch up with amazing game experiences you might’ve missed and even mix up what you play with your friends from time to time.

This is great for providing even more value to Discord Nitro subscribers.