PlayStation 5 Discord voice chat update enables you to connect direct from console

by on June 13, 2024

Discord has announced that an update has started to roll out to make PlayStation 5 Discord calls easier, and not require the mobile app.

This means that you can basically join a voice call in a server on your PlayStation 5 directly from the console, and Discord has laid out some steps to explain how to do it, as follows:

  • First, link your Discord and PlayStation Network accounts (learn how to do this, here).
  • Press the PlayStation button on your controller to open up the Control Center and navigate to the Game Base.
  • Pick the new “Discord” option in the Game Base.
  • For calls in Discord server voice channels: Select a server you’re in and a voice channel and hit join.
  • For Discord voice in a DM or Group DM: Select “Direct Calls” to open up a list of your DMs and Group DMs, organised by the last time the conversation was active, and press join.


Whether it is to communicate on Discord during crossplay while fighting off bugs, or to use the PS5 console’s Media apps to relax and enjoy some videos while chatting during the night, players can now use Discord Voice Chat on the PS5 console to cooperate, compete, or just share what’s on their mind with their friends. To do so, players can simply press the DualSense wireless controller button a few times then focus on playing the game, without relying on the Discord PC or mobile apps to initiate the connection.

Discord explains that “Joining a Discord DM call from the PS5 console is similar to joining a server’s voice channel, but with one more button press. Players will need to link their account for PlayStation Network to Discord beforehand”:

  • Press the “PlayStation” button on the DualSense wireless controller to open the Control Center and navigate to the Game Base.
  • In the Game Base, select the “Discord” option. This will open up all the available servers and include an option to browse through DMs.
  • In the Discord menu, select “Direct Voice Chats” to open up a list of DMs and Group DMs, organised by the last time the conversation was active.
  • Lastly, press Join to connect and start chatting.

The update that enables all of this will be “rolling out to different regions over the coming weeks”, but Discord says that “Once the rollout ends, everyone who has updated their PS5 console to the latest system update and has linked their Discord and PlayStation Network accounts will be able to call directly from their PS5 console.”